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Understanding the New PDU Changes in Todos Santos

Published on: January 6, 2024

Todos Santos, a gem on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, faces a significant turning point. The proposed changes to the Urban Development Plan (PDU) have sparked widespread concern among locals and environmentalists. It's crucial to understand what these changes entail and their potential impact on our beloved town.

Background of the PDU

The PDU is a strategic framework guiding the development and growth of urban areas. It outlines land use, infrastructure planning, and environmental protection policies. The current PDU for Todos Santos was crafted with substantial community involvement, focusing on sustainability and preserving the town's unique character.

Proposed Changes in the New PDU

The new PDU, developed without local input, introduces several key changes:

  • Shift in Development Focus: The plan prioritizes development and municipal revenue generation, seemingly at the expense of the town's natural beauty and ethos.

  • Increased Population Density: It introduces 50,000 new lots, potentially leading to a staggering 700% population increase.

  • Altered Land Use and Building Regulations: The plan proposes smaller lot sizes, higher building density, and increased building heights, which could lead to urban sprawl and change the town's landscape.

  • Infrastructure Strain: There's a lack of clarity on how the existing infrastructure will support this rapid growth, especially regarding water and power supplies.

Concerns and Controversies

  • Sustainability Concerns: The new PDU has been criticized for not aligning with the General Law of Human Settlements, a federal mandate emphasizing sustainable urban development.

  • Environmental Impact: The proposed changes could threaten the coastal dunes, natural vegetation, and the overall ecological balance.

  • Cultural and Heritage Impact: Todos Santos is known for its rural heritage and historic town center. The new PDU could significantly alter this cultural landscape.

Community's Response

The community of Todos Santos, comprising both Mexican nationals and foreign residents, is actively voicing concerns. The stark contrast between the current community-driven PDU and the proposed government-driven PDU highlights the need for local involvement in such crucial decisions.

The proposed PDU changes in Todos Santos represent a critical juncture for the town's future. It's a call to action for locals to engage, discuss, and contribute to the decision-making process, ensuring that development does not compromise the town's charm and ecological integrity.

Looking Forward

As residents of Todos Santos, it's our responsibility to stay informed, involved, and vocal about the changes that will shape the future of our community. Let's work together to find a balance between growth and preservation, maintaining the essence of what makes Todos Santos truly magical.

Photo: Diego Guzman Diego Guzman

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